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Sunset Climb

Adult tickets will be adjusted automatically when adding or subtracting child tickets to meet minimum requirements. For more info click here.

Sunset Climb

Quick Overview

Go on up as the sun goes down. Pure romance as you experience London against the backdrop of an auburn sky.


Up at The O2 Climb Options
The Sunset Climb from £37.00
The Original Climb (Weekend)      from £37.00
The Twilight Climb from £37.00
The Original Climb (Weekday) £32.00








Before you book, please make sure that you and anyone included in your booking meet the following requirements:


  • Minimum age: 8 years old
  • Minimum height: 1.2m
  • Maximum weight: not weigh more than 21 stone/130kg/286lbs
  • Maximum measurements: maximum waist measurement 125cm, maximum upper thigh measurement 75cm
  • U18's Please ensure your booking includes the correct number of adult climbers for every climber aged 8 to 17.
  • Up at The O2 is not suitable for pregnant customers
  • Climbers must not be under the influence of alcohol or legal or illegal substances: You will not be permitted to participate without refund



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